Monday, December 8, 2008

Kingdom of the Winds (eps 11 – 14)

Lots of spoilers in this – you don’t want ‘em, don’t read ‘em.

The last time I wrote about KotW, I was at episode 10. I was still waiting for the magic to hit. I wasn’t feeling the love and I was becoming discouraged. I backed away and I felt bad; I had done the same thing with “The Lobbyist” and never went back.

So, I made the effort. I carved out some time this weekend between laundry, steam cleaning the rugs and decorating for Christmas to try to reinvest in this series. It took me considerable effort, as you will see from my notes:

Episode 12

Muhyul has abducted Yeojin in an effort to flush out King Yuri so he can exact his revenge. Now up to know, we have endured Muyhul’s torture at a variety of hands, poisoning (where we got to see feet), dozens of arrows to the body, and all-but-fatal sword cuts so that we can get to see his love interest, Dr. Buyeo Princess Yeon, nurse him back to health.

In this episode, Muhyul has abducted the King’s youngest son, Yeojin in an attempt to flush out the king and exact his revenge. His ploy is successful; King Yuri rides out alone to save his son.

arrow to back In the manner of evil doers everywhere when their prey is in their scope; Muhyul, rather than just putting an arrow in Yuri’s eye, has to tell Yuri all, why he is exacting his revenge. As the scene comes to a shuddering climax, Muhyul shakes with rage and as he is about to make good his word, the three cabelleros shoot three arrows, dead center spine and Muhyul falls. Of course, since this is the star of the show, we know he will make a full recovery and so aren't over worried. He's like Jason in the Friday the 13th movies, they keep killing him and killing him, but he just won't die.

Episode 13sick muyhul

My disillusion with the drama continues as this was all interesting in the episode I could find to write about:

In episode 13, we get the miraculous white cloth of life AGAIN herbssopping up the sweat of impending death AGAIN and for the 147th time, Muhyul wakes up looking into Dr. Yeon's worried eyes AGAIN. After applying the pus-sucking herbs of healing, Muhyul recovers.

I wanted to eat my face off.

Episode 14

I was apparently warming up to the series, since my sarcasm quotient went down slightly:

Muhyul is shown the error of his ways in that his reasons for vengeance were flawed. He cries a lot and uses the churning adams apple of emotion and wants to make up for his mistakes by becoming a double spy on Buyeo (Daesoland). daesos shot To prove his worth, Muhyul is determined to steal secret documents and kill King Daeso. He gets the documents, and shoots an arrow center mass into Daeso's chest from a fine vantage point. Since men seem to die from less in battle, you’d think it would be all over for that miserable fat tub of lard in yellow. I don’t think anyone sharpens the arrows in Gorguyeo because I'm pretty sure Daeso lives.

flirtysig A sweet moment while little cardboard face Dr. Yeon (sorry, she’s not a very good actress)flirty cardboard face is busily tending to the unwashed masses. Muhyul butts in line all flirty. “Oooh, oooh, my heart hurts, can you fix it?” Gooey looks are exchanged while men are oozing blood and junk out of their faces. Hey, Doc's gotta get some. We get a trademarked SIG headhug between Muhyul and Yeon. Worth the episode.headhug I was still not invested.


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