Sunday, March 8, 2009

Goong (Princess Hours) : Review


Goong, or "Princess Hours” was a madly popular series in 2006.  I’m guessing that the targeted demographic was 13 – 17 year old Korean girls.  They probably loved it.

Ponder Angst – Not too bad, not too bad.  The art of the backward ponder was done well in this series.  I wasn’t perpetually ffwing.  20 points.

Love “ – “ Angles – A square.  Crown Prince loves Chae Gyeung, Chae Gyeung loves Crown Prince.  Yul loves Chae Gyeung with the heat of 2.5 million stars and the Ballerina Yesoya loves the Crown Prince, who used to love her but doesn’t anymore.  20 points.

Sizzle – You know, the boys in this series played achy well.  Joo Ji Hoon, played the part of immature entitled can’t express his emotions well and Kim Jong Hoon’s affection for Chae Gyeung was touching, until it became selfish.  I’m certain the teenagers watching this series went berserk.  The overall chemistry kept me coming back so I’ll give it a 10.

Physical Intimacy – The kissing scenes were sweet.  And due to some nausea at the end we know one couple has conceived.  10.

Tragic Heartwrenching Disease and/or Character Death from Same – Dad the King has some kind of wellness issue that keeps him from reading.  I assumed it was some sort of aneurism potential, though it wasn’t clear to me.  Shame he didn’t die…might have made the character more likeable.  Jerk.  0 Points.

Tazza Factor – I was not spellbound by this series, though I did watch an episode or 2 a day.  But this is about my level of excitement for a series and since it doesn’t measure up to Tazza - 0 points.

Bin-Sunah Factor – This metric is about the chemistry between the lead couple, a la Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin.  Uhhhhhmmm, they were OK, I liked The Prince and The Poor Girl when they were on screen together, so I’ll give this a 5.

Going to the Beach – Ballerina Yesoya took a bunch of pills in a bid for attention and Hose Bag Yul’s Mom attempted suicide a few times in the series.  While not technically at the beach, she did try to kill herself in her tub, so there’s water.  15 points in the bonus round.

So Goong gets 80 points.  Not bad.  Cute.  I was sufficiently entertained as I watched it.  You’ll really like it if you’re a kid.


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