Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Horoscopes, Books, National Shrine, Christmas

My Facebook horoscope for the today said:

When someone calls you in for a meeting, don't panic. It's actually good news, so stop expecting the worst..

Is it possible that this meant the 90 seconds it took for my colleague and I to decide what to order for lunch?  It was good news that we were still able to get the crab cakes so, spooooooky accurate for the day!

My Chinese dragon horoscope on Facebook said:

dragon7 You may be considering offering a friend a spot on the tour bus you are booking, but think about it. Will they really be that harmonious a traveling companion? Are your interests in line? You might have to juggle things a lot before you can make it work.

So is tour bus a euphemism for something?  Perhaps it references the vehicle I will be taking to drive to NY?  Does this allege I should leave my daughter behind, lest my trip be not harmonious?  Can’t see how I can do that and not get hauled in for neglect.  Perhaps it alludes to the love interest that yesterday’s horoscope promised.  Maybe THAT’S the tour bus – the tour bus of LOVE I am booking. 

Is it a wonder I don’t take any of that seriously?

My voracious reader’s appetite has me continuing to plow through the JD Robb “…in Death” series.  I find that series to be the most engaging of the Nora Roberts books – the MacGregor books were fun, and I’m only starting in on the Pagan Stone trilogy, but from the first book, “Imitation in Death” I was hooked on the writing, the characters, the wit and the overall smartness of the tone.  I have read 16 in the series so far, though not in order, and have enjoyed every single one.  I will be sad when I have completely caught up and have to wait for the next book to be published. 

Just as my daughter craves Edward Cullen, so I crave Roarke.

I learned last night at my Legion of Mary meeting that friends are headed to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Scary Jesus Immaculate Conception tonight for midnight mass.  I so want to go, but am unable to work out the logistics.  I have to read at mass at 6pm tonight, go to my cousin’s house for festivities, pack the car for the trip to NY, get up at 4am and go.  I am sad I won’t be able to go to midnight mass there.  The Basilica is beautiful and I can imagine it is more so at Christmas.

My daughter and I went to the Shrine two years ago for Easter mass.  We walked through the upper church, eyeing the Scary Jesus fresco the whole time feeling like he was watching our every move…IN OUR SOULS.  We also went into the little Lourdes grotto downstairs to light some candles. 

I remember the first time I ever went there, when I first moved to the Northern VA area.  It was a quiet Sunday afternoon in October.  I had no idea that it was some special occasion attended by Bishop Loverde who was led in by the Knights of Columbus in full reglia, a chamber orchestra, a childrens’ choir and an adult choir.  I got a little worked up at the majesty of it all and I cried.  I get like that sometimes.  When I am properly disposed, the mass moves me.

Still in all, I will attend mass at 6pm tonight, receive communion, shake hands and share hugs with kith and kin :) and I will not only dream of a white Christmas, but tomorrow celebrate it with my children around me. 

On the holiest of nights, on the most blessed of days, I am the luckiest of women.

Merry Christmas.  God Bless.


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