Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I think that if I were Silda Spitzer, I would hate that for some, their only image of me was the one standing by my husband as he resigned. I would hate that.

I am counting down 2 days now to leaving my current place of employment. I realized that since 1993, I have been protected - I've always known one person where I work. Where I am going? I know 0. Zero. Zed. Nyet. Nada. No one. I think I'm scared.

My dog Buddy has been with me as long as my marriage lasted. 15 years. That's effed up. If I get to 16 years with Buddy...I don't like to contemplate that kind of commitment. Does that mean that my husband was less impactful to me than my dog?

Did I tell you I was scared about starting my new job?

I'm cleaning out my files at work - I love the energy that is created when I clean. It's the whole feng shui; the chi thing. I also find that I have carried with me Far Side cartoon cels that I cut out in 1991. Yeah. I still have them. My favorite one: a chicken creating her own guillotine muttering "Bottom of the pecking order, eh? Oh, I don't think so." I'm concerned at what that says about me.

Spoiler alert: "Young Warriors" - most of the Yangs die. What the eff is up with that? Can brother #3 please go kick some @ss now? Can he please get rid of that coward of a wife of his, and let her go hang out with that hot hot Liang/Song/Whatever guy? She's a total cow; and if you know me at all, you know that cow is an epithet of the fiercest kind.

Yeah, still concerned over the job thing.

Next time I go to a 'get together' for women - heads up - if it's an effing sex toy party? Want to know in advance so I don't have to go. That's just effing rude. I'm good thanks. Don't need the ginormous phallus ring toss game to feel uninhibited. Just so you know. P*ss me off. WTF?

If you are near me and have a salt shaker in hand? Yeah, love the salt this week. Send some my way, k?

80's music videos? Just really bad.

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