Monday, December 29, 2008

Kingdom of the Winds (ep. 18 – 26)

Between making cookies, Legion of Mary work, and attending a party last weekend, I sandwiched in some KotW time. I had promised my k-drama chums that I’d catch up. Something had to give, so I didn’t clean.

It was a win win!

And this is by no means a blow by blow account of each episode. These are meandering thoughts that occurred to me as I watched.


We get an Emperor of the Sea Man-Pain moment when Dojin is drinking away his shock realizing that little Cardboard Face is in love with Muhyul. Main-Pain = drinking alone and swiping all one's dishes on to the floor in a fit of rage, again, a la Emperor of the Sea and Yeom Moon.

Ep. 20
Remarkable, I thought, for two things: 1) It showed how inept King Yuri is that in one generation removed from Jumong, his border guards degenerated into drunken womanizing sots. I don't know why Daeso prepared for war for so long. I little reconnaissance would show that Goguryeo's soldiers weren't up for it. And:

2) SIG facial hair. It's about time.

I’ve decided that the actress playing Yeon is being directed to look just like the little drawing of Yeon in the comic books with the big eyes bright with tears. It’s her only form of emoting.

Ep. 21

It’s hard for me not to compare EotS SIG with KotW SIG, (probably because of the facial hair). I find this interesting because I never did this with Jumong SIG. I rewatched a few scenes of EotS SIG and found him again to be absolutely superb in the role. His angst was portrayed so subtly and delicately. It makes me wonder if he was more relaxed during the filming of EotS - he wasn't carrying the lead role, though Yeom Moon was a significant one - it wasn't the lead. Maybe that's the difference.

Yeon's looking like crap, and Dojin's hair has gotten weird, his black bangs covering one eye. It’s almost like the dark continues to take over the man; the hatred and jealousy he feels for Muhyul continues to eat at him and he gets darker. Or maybe it’s just that the actor’s eye got wounded on the set and they are trying to cover it up. Yeah, that one.

Ep. 23

The Littlest Yeojin finally grew a pair and told his mother off. Good for him.

Ep. 24 - 25

I’m getting very tired of Dojin and his repeated commitment to Fat Daeso: "If you only allow me, I will get rid of the Goguryeo royal family". I don't know what's worse, his broken record or the fact that Yuri keeps believing him.

The best and sweetest moment was when Princess Seryu invited Goeyu to her bed. A thoroughly modern Milly, Seryu sees what she wants and takes it. Goeyu politely drinking the wine at the pretty little table she sets up for him. Goeyu’s eyes saying “Does this mean what I think it means?” Seryu’s eyes responding, “Oh yeah baby it does.” Then Maro’s and Balso’s repeated congratulations to him the next day.

Muhyul marries the Beeyotch Queen but does not consummate the union. Ouch.

Muhyul and Yeon also say their goodbyes. A brave move on the part of the writers by giving Munwha Yeon so much dialogue all at once. She didn't do too badly; she kept her eyes nice and bright.

Ep. 26

Whoops! Bad timing on their parts, but in the better late than never column ~evil eyebrows a newly wedded Muhyul and doe eyed Munwha Yeon use a cold and secluded cabin to succumb to their low-banked yearning for each other and spend the night together, likely conceiving baby Hodong. Beeyotch Queen who evidently has some supernatural gift that allows her to sniff out adultery, shows up at war camp. She’s pretty mad. I gotta say, she has some fabulously evil eyebrows.


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