Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pride; A J-drama Review

Too Much Love Will Kill You - Queen

Watched Pride, a 2004 Japanese Drama a few days and enjoyed it immensely. It’s the story of a Japanese Hockey player.

Ponder Angst – EXCELLENT! Not once in eleven episodes did I want to stick a samurai sword in my gut, or breathe in the ocean - 15 points.

Love “ – “ Angles – Mostly a straight and lovely horizontal line, but I have to say a triangle, since Architect comes back demanding what is his – Aki. At 4 points an angle, that’s 12 points.

Sizzle – Mmmmmmm, we sizzled like a Benihana hibachi – takes a while for Halu and Aki to give in to their attraction, but the hot looks and the chemistry of the characters - yummy – 20 points.

Physical Intimacy – Oh my did we have physical intimacy. This was not Korean Drama by any means. 20.

Tragic Heartwrenching Disease and/or Character Death from Same – Halu’s coach Anzai dies of what I think is cirrhosis of the liver – because he’s a drunk. Personally, I think the glimmer we get of him is obsessive and twisted, but cirrhosis is as good as constipation in my book -10 Points.

Tazza Factor – I enjoyed the series and looked forward to each episode. 10 points.

Bin-Sunah Factor – Our leads had a lot of chemistry and they acted really well. Slightly less sparkle than our beloved Bin-Sunah. 10 points.

Going to the Beach – No suicide attempts that I remember particularly. 0 points in the bonus round.

97 points for Pride! Quite good – I enjoyed this series very much and it is highly recommended. Start watching it for the hot goalie, stick around for the awesome soundtrack by Queen and the incomparable Freddie Mercury, finish it up with the lovely romance.


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