Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Jang Hyuk Weds!

Posted online May 28; translation by a fan on soompi forums


Jang Hyuk getting married on 2 June discloses the face of his bride to the public (for the first time) through their wedding photos, but ‘slightly’ (deliberately blurred photos).

They already registered at the marriage register last winter and had a baby boy born on Feb. 8. Jang Hyuk and Kim Yeo Jin said in the wedding invitation “We are starting a new family and hope to make it a sweet home with peace and harmony. We are preparing this ceremony to have you witness our commitment to live in one unity, looking at each other with caring and warm-hearted eyes forever.”

He has been together with his bride, Kim Yeo Jin, 2 year older than him, for 6 years from 2002. They met first at a fitness club in 2002 and finally get married after 6 year courtship.

Jang Hyuk said in the press release,

“We are thankful to all those who send us love and support. We hope you understand our decision that the wedding ceremony will be the non-open-to-the-public one. We are so excited and elated at the wedding, the would-be-the biggest event to our life.

Frankly I feel a bit abashed about this belated wedding as having a baby already, but because of that, this wedding will bring more significance to me. As a husband and a father, the more I feel like committing myself to my resolution to work harder to make a sweet home. I think the wedding is a new start in my life. I promise I will care, respect, adore, and love my family along this new road.”

God Bless them both; I wish them luck and happiness forever!


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