Friday, June 13, 2008

Wants, Needs, Expectations, Reality

Written at work yesterday:

What I want:
I'm tired and I just want to go home. I want a steak. Rare. I want a honking big martini; dirty please, with three olives. I want to travel someplace exotic (current spot of choice – the Taj Mahal). I want a big HD tv that I can connect to my computer. I want a new bedding set. I want to sit in a hot tub and soak.

What I'd settle for:

Delivery salad. 45 minutes on the treadmill with the air conditioning in the gym fixed. Maybe start a new k-drama.

What I got:

Treadmill - in a gym that is STILL not air conditioned. Maybe I’ll get Chick to break something. Oh! I saw Chick Sunday going into his apartment. I waved a curt hello to acknowledge his presence. He just looked at me. I tell myself he nodded his head in greeting and that he wasn’t deep in thought plotting my demise in his cold cement hell.

Anyway, back to what I got. 30 minutes on the treadmill, but I increased the incline, so I pat myself on the back for that. Went back home dripping sweat and suppressing ire directed at impotent condominium managers, decided against delivery salad and just cooked some "italian" turkey sausage. Was then too hot and tired to dump sauce on it and cook pasta, so just ate the sausage. Internet not working on computer and that meant no new kdrama, so I settled for deleting the Colbert Report and Frasier on the DVR until I fell asleep.

My wants are varied and and align according to whim; like the choices at an all you can eat buffet. My expectations are modest and attainable; like a virgin on her wedding night. My reality is rustic and unpretentious; like dirt.


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