Thursday, June 12, 2008

Song Il Guk; Kingdom of the Wind

Get married: Check

Compete in the South Korean Iron Man: Check

Deal with ongoing court case: Check
Sign on for next wildly popular sageuk: hooooold on there!

While nothing has been confirmed officially, word has it that Song Il Guk will be signing on to star in his next sageuk, KBS's "Kingdom of the Wind". This isn't an automatic choice for Song Il Guk, who was allegedly also considering a series that was set in modern times, and not a descendant of Jumong.

"Kingdom of the Wind"'s Director will be Kang Il-soo (Emperor Of The Sea), Writers: Jung Jin-ok (Emperor Of The Sea), Park Jin-woo (Hansungbyulgok), and Choi Wan-gyoo (Jumong).
I'm already excited - if this series is half as good as EotS or Jumong, I'm in; I don't care who is the lead. Well, I do; it'll be the icing on the sageuk cake if SIG signs on.
The series is a remake of the comic by Kim Jin and SIG (once official) will play the lead role as Jumong's grandson, Daemusin. Could prove interesting, considering Daemusin killed Daeso, Jumong's chief rival in the 2006-2007 series "Jumong; Prince of Legend".
Filming is scheduled to begin in China in mid-June. I'll keep you posted on SIG's participation.

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A said...

hmmmm... if SIG will have an 6(or is that 8 pack) like Bae Yong Jun -- which seems to be a "must" for a number of Korean actors I am seeing now -- waaaaaaaaaaaaah! -- them my obsession-compulsion-addiction for SIG might probably be resurrected.

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