Monday, May 5, 2008

The Smoting of Chick

This was too good not to post:

My Uncle responded to my Chick Chick blog:
Thus speaks thy uncle: “I have heard thy lamentations arising through the Ethernet by way of thy blog and I am not without compassion for thy safety and well being. Call upon me and I shall smite thy oppressor by sending one of my servants in the Marine Corps and one or two slightly annoyed Rottweilers. Woe unto him who oppresses my clan. It would be better for him not to have been born or at least not to be abiding in the midst of thy family and loved ones.”

And I responded:
"And lo, he spaketh, and sent forth his wrath. Thus sayeth a second time the Uncle, "Woe unto him who oppreseth my clan". And woe fell to the Apartment numbered 102. Neither did woe fall to the apartment numbered 101, nor to 104, but only to 102. The Marines, being not fed, cast a hungry eye upon the wicked and the Rottweilers being still as beasts of the land set forth upon their prey. And the evil was vanquished in his sight and they all rejoiced."


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