Friday, April 11, 2008


I. Am. So. Tie Tie.

That’s how my daughter used to say she was tired when she was a baby. In the manner of billions of parents the world over who repeat the cute things their kids babble; my family and I still say that when feeling markedly sluggish.

No idea why I’m so tired...well my sleep patterns have been interrupted this week. I was still exhausted Monday after driving home from NY on Sunday. And then one horrific night in particular occurred Wednesday, after having consumed caffeine-laden soda after 9pm. That was mistake #1. Wide awake, I stayed up watching television, deleting shows on my dvr. At 11:30 pm, since I was still unable to nod off, I finally decided to engage my bedtime ritual and read until I fell asleep. That was mistake #2. I was this close to finishing Stephen King’s Duma Key and was at a critical juncture; the last 100 and creepiest pages of the book. No way was I going to fall asleep until I finished.

But damn it, it was a work night, and at 2:30 am the effing book wouldn’t effing end, so I closed it, shut off the light and was determined to get three hours of sleep anyway. Huzzah! Success!

No, that was mistake #3. Not that it was foreseeable, but I had a highly disturbing nightmare. Once I realized I was inside a dream I forced myself to wake up from it…and it was all of 3:00 am. Thirty solid minutes of disturbed sleep. For what it’s worth, the dream left a gruesome feeling in its wake that I’m still, two days later, having difficulty shaking. I might have been able to let go of it if I didn’t learn that Guest Blogger (who? Who is that even?) had a dream that included some similar elements on the same night. I’m still creeped out.

After that, the night was pretty much a bust. Mistake #4; I dozed a few minutes each half hour after that, but I kept waking up to check the clock.

It used to be that I could manage a sleepless night and still run on fumes the next day without any ill effects. I could juggle a job, young children and a lusty marital bed; sleep wasn’t too big a deal. Now, it takes me several days to recover if I don’t get enough shut eye.

Just another sign of aging. Nearer my God to thee.


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