Monday, April 7, 2008


Breathe. Breathe. I’m trying not to panic. The AZN network has been the one that carried my Korean Drama. Emperor of the Sea, Jumong, Coffee Prince, Hwang Jini, Thank You, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Jang Hyuk, Song Il Guk, Kim Sun Ah, Hyun Bin.

Think. Think. I have already researched plan B. Another cable carrier that includes some Korean shows. I just need to price Plan B out. Or I could go to Plan C - go out and buy all the Korean Drama I can find. I’m stinkin’ with severance right now. Plan D – give up Korean Drama altogether, go back to watching Lost. HA! Plan E; go out more, find an ajussi, I mean, a gentleman friend, maybe see a movie or two. Maybe it should be a combination of a few plans.

And I should be less selfish; aren’t all those people that work for AZN being displaced? I know what that feels like.
I hope they are OK.


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