Monday, April 14, 2008

Ginned Up Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive

Erin - just listen to it. Juuuuuust shut up and listen to it.

No, I know! It is NOT possible improve on Stayin' Alive! As music goes, the song is as iconic as the Black Madonna.

Well, no. I can't really say that. That's just wrong. Our Lady of Czestochowa will accept my abject apologies. But this version kicks a.... see, I can't even swear now because I've invoked Our Lady.

Anyway this version of Stayin' Alive is awesome - it's the (Teddy Bears Remix) by the Bee Gees. I can understand the words!!

So all of my friends who have the Bee Gees on their ipods out of deference to me, their "Jive Talkin'" or the original version of "Stayin' Alive" can just go download this kickin' version too. Someone on imeem remarked "Hot lava. It's time to get someone pregnant."



lace1070 said...

That song rocks! Makes me want to pick up my ipod and go run a 5K ~ Don't panic, E, I won't really do that b/c u will have to drive up to NY and kick my a..! Did I tell you that this song was on the loudspeaker last time John ran a fun run as he was crossing the finish line and there I was on the sidelines cheering and doing the disco pointer finger thing!

E said...

When you are ready to run, you have my blessing to run to this can do your disco pointer thing anytime...:)

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