Monday, April 14, 2008

Black Day

See, I think this is fun. Today in South Korea, “Black Day” is being (or has been) celebrated.

South Korea's Black Day for love
By Jon Herskovitz Mon Apr 14, 3:18 AM ET

SEOUL (Reuters) - It was a Black Day for love in South Korea on Monday with lonely hearts trying to ease their pain by diving head first into bowls of noodles.

South Korea celebrates Valentine's Day, where local custom dictates women give gifts to men. It has taken on a popular event born in Japan but sweeping Asia known as White Day on March 14 when men return the favour with gifts for women.

But Black Day, on April 14, is a South Korean original. It is marked by people who have not found love dressing in dark colours and commiserating over meals of black food, with the dish of choice being Chinese-style noodles topped with a thick sauce of black bean paste.

OK, this is cool. Those of us who endured Valentine’s Day and all the attendant and annoying flowers and roses and CRAP get a day for us. We singles – some may be mourning our singleness, some may be enjoying it…but we should get a day too and the South Koreans have provided it to us. Of course, I say, of course.

I’ve never had jajangmyeon (black bean paste noodles), though I could probably find some in DC if I wanted to. I am wearing a black sweater today! I might go get some thai food tonight! And have it served to me by my little Vietnamese buddy! That close enough? Probably not. But I am single. And I will be hanging out alone. While I do my taxes tonight. How apropos that Black Day falls just before I have to file my income tax.
Eh. Huzzah anyway! Happy Black Day!


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