Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Question

Christmas Song of the Day: Kanon (Pachebel)

This dream
He had
Each child
Still knows

We are waiting
We have not forgotten

I received an email from a work colleague today. Steve is Jewish and a cynic (of whom I think very highly) and this morning he sent me an email:

“Tell me -- how did the birth of God's son and savior to the human race lead to buying flat panel TVs ??”

To which I responded:

“I could give you some claptrap about the tradition of bringing gifts รก la the Three Wise Men in the New Testament. Stories of St. Nicholas (who was a real Catholic saint) and subsequent traditions of gift giving to children also gave rise to the current trend. And I could say that because we are flawed human beings who delight in satisfying our baser nature, that the focus of the holy celebration has been lost in a bacchanalia of consumerism.

Or my inner pessimist would say:

It didn't.”

1 Comment:

A said...

I agree. The birth of the savior did not lead to consumerism.
The better question to ask is "Why do entrepreneurs have to exist?". =)

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