Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Zombie Box

My son and nephew drove down last Wednesday to see his sister perform in the high school production of “The Wiz”.  Meg played Addaperle ~ the Feel Good Girl! ~ and she was fantastic.  I will hopefully get to post some video later this month.imac_ice

They also came down to see what they could do about my home computer.  It had crashed.  Messed up.  The plan - reformat.  I had already come  to terms with the fact that I was losing three years worth of downloads and files and pictures.  The heart breaks, but we move on, lessons learned, a system for backing up planned.

dawn-zombiesAfter some speculation about the sheriffs and CSI vans across the parking lot, I took them out to get some barbeque.  The boys challenged me on my belief in the resurrection by asking me what the definition of a Zombie was.  After explaining that zombies didn’t exist, but for the sake of argument, I declared that they were the un-dead.  this played right into their rebellious little hands as they claimed that Jesus had to be a Zombie – having been raised after His death.  We agreed to differ, after I declared them godless heathens for whom I would pray. 

They laughed.

The next day broke bright and early as the boys attempted to reboot my computer.  It didn’t work – in fact, we couldn’t even get the machine to turn on.  The boys took the entire machine apart, dusted, vacuumed, blew on a lot of parts and I was convinced it was hopeless.  I was going to have to buy another computer.  We discussed options – my nephew had a computer sitting unused a mere three hours away.  If we hopped in the car immediately, we could get there and be back just in time for my daughter’s play. 

This plan met with little enthusiasm all around.

We considered taking it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy to see if they could run a diagnostic on it.  In the mean time, the boys continued to poke and prod – discussing power sources, mother boards, and processors.  I told them they might as well have been speaking Korean and I went for a walk wondering how I was going to buy a new computer. 

When I came back, the pc was on and the new install was underway.  Apparently, my genius nephew unplugged the fan, plugged it back in and voila – it sparked back to life.  You would have thought they invented fire, such was my amazement.  Geniuses both.  After all was installed, the time came to name my brand new computer – after some musing on their parts and after tapping in to their favorite creative muse, they came up with a name:  “Zombie Box”.  Risen as Our Lord was Risen, except they were the all powerful gods who brought it back to life.

The pen drive that stored some other critical applications off which the Zombie Box would feed?  It was called “Brains”.

Creative.  VERY creative.

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lace1070 said...

Love it ~ simply brilliant ~ don't u just see that herd of zombies in the X-Files episode Hollywood AD?
Mulder: "What about all the dead people who are forever silent and can't tell their stories any more? They're all going to have to rely on Hollywood to show the future how we lived and it'll all become... oversimplified and trivialised and Cigarette-Smoking Pontificised and become as plastic and meaningless as this stupid plastic Lazarus Bowl."
Scully: "I think the dead are beyond caring what people think about them. Hopefully we can adopt the same attitude. You do know that there aren't real dead people out there, right? That this is a movie set?"
Mulder: "The dead are everywhere, Scully."
Scully: "Well... We're alive. And we're relatively young and Skinner was so tickled by the movie..."
Mulder: "I bet he was..."
Scully: "That he has given us a Bureau credit card to use for the evening. Come on. Mulder, I have something to confess."
Mulder: "What's that?"
Scully: "I'm in love with Associate Producer Walter Skinner."
Mulder: "Ah... Me, too."

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