Thursday, February 5, 2009

Doctor Morning

I am nothing if not self-absorbed and so you get to peek into my day today.

highbp I had a couple of doctor appointments this morning; first was a follow up to my blood pressure with the GP.  Eff-stick nurse’s aid took my blood pressure and squeezed my arm so hard I had to hold my breath.  Then when the numbers kept changing, she squeezed some more, “Just to double check….oh, that’s a little high.”  Ran out to get the doctor.  I’m sure they were ready to cut my head open to find the aneurisms.  Turns out it was like 180/108.  Pretty effing high. Well crap.  We chatted a few minutes, asking me pointed questions to see if I was stroking out.  I told him quite directly that his employee was squeezing the sh*t out of me via my arm, so he took it again.  It was a LOT better; in fact, my blood pressure is good (considering I’ve forgotten to take my medicine since the appendix removal) and overall, I’m remarkably healthy.  I made sure to refill my prescription for the blood pressure medicine and I took a pill before I came in to work.  Good thing, since the only back up I have in the office told me today that she’s leaving. 

Yes, gooooood thing I started taking that medicine again.

Before arriving to the office, however, I had another follow up eye doctor appointment.  Just to see if that darn ocular pressure is behaving itself.  Turns out it was as high as Jeff Spicoli – pressure for a normal person should be 20.  In me, on average I run 27 so that’s normal for me.  Today, I was running 35.  That’s bad.  I got a visual image of my ocular nerves curling up like burnt hair and smelling twice as bad, so I expressed concern.  My very cute and married doctor doesn’t want to put me on medicine yet, but he does want to do a more comprehensive visual field (cereal bowl) test. 

I didn’t realize that I needed a referral from my GP for the bitchy appointment, so I called to see if I could get one.  They need 72 hours notice and the cow on the other end of the line refused to help me out.  I muttered “Thanks for nothing.” and hung up.  I’m sure my spike in blood pressure at that moment wasn’t helping the ocular pressure any.  Cute married doctor told his receptionist to bill a certain way so I didn’t have to pay so much out of pocket. 

There is goodness still left in the world. 

As I say, I got into the office to several telephone messages, emails, a little boss drama and the happy news that the woman acting as the other secretary in the department is leaving and her last day is tomorrow.  I haven’t taken any time off of work since the appendicitis.  I think maybe I need to and not worry about everyone having to deal in my absence.

I suppose sometimes God just likes to toss a few spitballs my way. “Let’s see how she likes this one…” in his low rumbly thunder voice, “Ohhhhh, she swears too much.  Tsk tsk tsk.” 


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