Friday, January 23, 2009

I Have to Stop

flex cuffs I must stop watching so much Forensic Files.  I am in all my macabre fascination, devoted to the CSI-type of show.  I watched an episode this morning where some guy got hold of the plastic "flex cuffs" cops to handcuff perps.  The perp in this particular episode attacked a female jogger from behind, used the flex cuffs to bind her, raped her, killed her and then tossed her.  Forensic experts eventually nabbed the guy by the metal "stop" used.

I came in this morning to some maintenance staff working on the air conditioning unit above the drop ceiling in my space.  On their little cart.... flex cuffs.

Can you imagine the creepy little melodrama that played in my mind?


lace1070 said...

I think u need to start reading less about crime and more about romance ~ oi! Where's Mulder when u need him? Anyone? Skinner???

E said...

Ha! Romance!

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