Wednesday, January 21, 2009


3:55 am. I woke up an hour early today, thinking that I would have to leave my house proportionately early for work due to the inauguration events. Even so, I figured I’d be hopelessly tied up in traffic. The news and water cooler gossip has been all about how awful the traffic will be, leave at 3am, oh, you have to work on Tuesday? We were all certain that Inauguration revelers would be marching in to DC on route 7 arm in arm making a mess of the commute.

I packed a lunch.

Took me 30 minutes. And that’s hitting traffic lights. I was in the office by 6:36 am and wanted to kill myself. Two hours early. I’m not a salaried employee either, so I don’t get paid to be here.

I was disappointed.

The good news is that I didn’t have to wait in line at the fancy schmancy coffee machine in our fancy schmancy “encounter” room for my daily shot of Starbucks half-caff. There was a little fella in there about to restock the beans, the likes of whom I considered shoving out of the way, but he smiled and let me have my coffee.

I also have to admit to being disappointed in “Kingdom of the Winds”. To the point that I haven’t watched the final two episodes. I need to, because it wouldn’t be right to post thoughts or a review without having seen the entire series.

I WAS disappointed in “Terroir” for ten episodes, having needed something light and romantic after that roller coaster that was “Tazza”. I wasn’t warming up to the leads; TaeMin’s stone cold face, Woo Joo; really over the top with the spunky poor maiden crap. But I’m no longer disappointed; it’s heating up, I’m becoming entranced and am eager for each new episode. I will be judging all k-drama by the Tazza-factor now though, and want to be taken in at episode 1.

More than likely will be disappointed there too.

Even then it’s not so bad – so maybe I didn’t get stuck in traffic this morning – I bet I will tonight! And so what if Kingdom of the Winds wasn’t the best drama yet…finish it up, move on! Next up series for Il-Guk is “Hero” or “Man Called God”. Something to look forward to.

If these are my disappointments, it’s not so bad.

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My Perspectives said...

I feel for you. I really do. I tried to start the pellet stove yesterday afternoon and it wouldn't come on.

Talk about disappointment!

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