Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Last blog, we had Belly Drama, Car Drama, Comedy-Drama Drama and Korean Drama.

I had hoped life was ready to return to normal. We had anticipated family coming in for Meg's play and we weren't disappointed. Adam (Ensign Parkinson) and Rob (Meg's Dad) merged north and south for their favorite girl.

Adam got in town Thursday afternoon and was able to enjoy opening night with my family. He bit his nails with everyone else when we feared Meg would shame herself and vomit on stage.

He then spent a wonderful Friday golfing, singing karaoke, working the room, and hitting on women.

Saturday broke with Adam feeling a bit off. We assumed it had to do with the amount of beers gleefully consumed at the club the night before. We set off to pick up Rob up at the airport.

On the way home, in the furthest of four lanes of traffic, Adam turned to me and said, "I'm going to throw up."

Since this announcement was without warning, I registered surprise, "Are you serious?" Adam turned his head and a torrent was desposited on the floor of my car.

I guess he was serious.

I pulled over the four lanes as I scrambled to unlock the door and open the window at the same time. The boy was trying to find the handle to the door and the Dad was anxiously looking for some way to help from the back seat. Adam finally got the door open, we found a blanket in the trunk to sop up the goo and did our best to console Adam as he continued to rid himself of whatever it was he had in his stomach.

Can't much top that and the rest of the afternoon was something of a denouement as I took my car to get detailed, and we all stuck around home as Adam struggled to feel better. During Meg's final night, the poor guy just wanted to die, but stayed there for his sister.

And so in one day and in one fell swoop, we had belly drama, car drama, and comedy-drama drama.

The weekend of Melodrama.


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