Monday, November 17, 2008

(More) Belly Drama, Car Drama, Comedy-Drama Drama, Precious Little K-Drama

It is my goal to keep my life drama-free.I like getting up at 6am and putting on my RPI sweatshirt to walk Buddy WhoisImmortal. I wake up my daughter.I check my emails and if I have time, my Facebook. I then shower, dress, and get ready for work.My commute is predictable based on the time of day, and I like to get in to the office a half hour early.I anticipate my routine at night and get irritable if it is thwarted o’er much. Not quite a slave to my routine, but I’m certainly its’ sycophant.

I can make exceptions – and do – life is filled with unexpected color and we have to roll with it when God decides to gild the fresco.

Last Monday morning, 12:33 am. I wake with a gurgly stomach. My first thought, no wait. My first thought was to make it to the bathroom; which I barely did. Gurgly stomach turned into explosive vomit. Sans graphic language: I have yet to clean off the ceiling in my bathroom and I threw my back out as my body rejected what was left of dinner 9 hours before.

My second thought was for my daughter. This week was the big play; she was playing Penny Sycamore in her high school production of “You Can’t Take it With You”. Meg had the largest female role and she had been working for weeks on it. This was obviously on Meg’s mind too as I hear her frightened chirp of “Do you think I’ll get it?” in between yakking.

After scrubbing the bathroom down with bleach,throwing rugs and towels into the wash, showering, and changing, I was able to convince her it was probably something I ate. My subsequent fever and body aches belied this but I decided not to tell her. I’d just avoid physical contact. Belly Drama.

The silver lining for Monday was that I was able to play catchup on all the episodes of The Great King Sejong that I had sitting idle. Good show btw. Precious little, but it was still Korean Drama.

Tuesday afternoon; back at work. My son’s wife called me to tell me that Josh was in a car accident. Not the call you ever want to get. He was ok, banged up a little, sore, car got it pretty bad, but he was ok. Could have been so much worse. Thank you God for taking care of my boy. Car Drama.

Thursday morning (opening night). I was having some pretty weird dreams about being mad at someone at a party and cleaning the ceiling with a mop (heh – just got that - I obviously still had not cleaned my bathroom thoroughly). In the dream several people were trying to get me to stop cleaning the ceiling by calling my attention: “Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. MOM. MOM. MOM!"

I woke up. My daughter was calling me. “Mom.I feel sick.” Meg had caught the bug. We tried to tell ourselves it was opening night jitters, until she called me at work to tell me she hurled in the girls dressing room at school that afternoon. I told her to take a hot bath (hot bath cures everything) and rest.

Bless her, the show had to go on and she performed flawlessly. Just before the performance, she told me she had alerted the sound guy that if she said, “Could you excuse me a minute? I’ll be right back.” and it wasn’t in the script, to cut her mic because she was going to be puking in the bucket they had handy for her backstage. Family was on horrified tenterhooks when we heard her say “Could you kids excuse me a minute? I’ll be right back.” But thankfully, it was part of the script and the show went on. Comedy-Drama Drama.

A week filled with drama. I embrace the stories, but I’ll be glad when life gets back to normal.

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lace1070 said...

Drama is what makes life so fun, true story! How about some police drama at our house last night ~ didn't see that one coming!

I vote for a single, catholic, wealthy, good sense of humor and smart drama for you!!! hugs ~ Lace

PS ~ go mop your ceiling you procrastinator!

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