Friday, October 10, 2008

Belly Drama - Day 3 and beyond

Sorry about the lapse in case anyone cares...whoever my muse is and with whomever she sits, its just not on my shoulder these days and I have had no desire to write. At any rate, following surgery:

I recovered.

I went home 11 hours after being wheeled into my hospital room. I shared this with Angela, a nice lady who had a great deal of mobility considering she had been in the hospital for 2 weeks. She was a fan of the "Judge" shows that pepper early morning television - Judge Wopner, Judge Judy, Judge Joe, you know what I mean.

They are nearly as insipid as soap operas. Not quite, but nearly.

Called my boss to tell him what was going on. My throat still all croaky from the tube. I must have sounded a mess. And sh*t, I was using a load of sick time and vacation (4 days in the end, not so much, but it irritated me.) Hot Doc came in to see me; told me that the appendix had definitely been infected, good thing we took it, blabbity blah, "Here's my card, I'm a plastic surgeon." "What, you couldn't suck any fat out while you were in there?"

Apparently not.

My last pain killer was juiced into me at 6am and I was determined to "see how bad it was"; maybe I could "manage the pain". Worked for a while. By the time Starbuck came to bring me home, I was getting sore. A sore that was starting to consume me, so Starbuck ran out to get my Vicodin. I called my Mom. No matter how old you get, when sick or in rough straits, if you still got your Mom, you want to call your Mom. There is comfort in it.

The timeline, when you think about it, was remarkably short:

Monday: 3pm, ooooooooooo stomach hurts; curse Mexico and its beans
evening: first ER visit, introduced to the delights of morphine and contrast
Wednesday: f/u doctor visit, Dr. McDreamy's second opinion, a demand for nakedness satisfied
Thursday: 1am; surgery, Angela and Judge Joe later in the morning, home in the afternoon, Lord Vicodin my closest companion
Friday: the lost day
Saturday/Sunday: weaning from Vicodin, feeling good, grossing out at bruises
Monday: back to work

Yeah, that was a mistake. Too soon, but who knew? I had used all my sick time and was eating into vacation, I had planned vacation at the end of the week to go to my son's graduation from OCS, I couldn't take more time off. I crashed around 11:30 am and was pretty useless by 3:00 pm. Stuck it out though.

Stopped taking pain meds Monday night. Was crabby with a major detox headache on Tuesday, but felt more clear on Wednesday and was glad I had done it. I was only mildly sore by that time and was feeling good.

Couldn't risk taking it for the drive to Newport, Rhode Island.


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