Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Belly Drama - Day 2

I tumbled into bed at 3:30 am wondering if I would be able to make it into the office. I didn't have a whole lot of sick time accrued and I never like wasting sick time for something like being sick. Determined to wake up at 6am and shake it all off, I hit the pillow running.

At 6:35 am, my phone rang, a car pooling colleague calling to ask if I wanted to ride in to work with her. I was pretty disoriented, my tummy still hurt, and I was exhausted so I told her I was going to drive in a little later.

I called in sick.

My sister Bellie and cousin Starbuck were both annoyed that I was sent home with Oxycotin and a pat on the head. They urged me to call my doctor for reparations. To my surprise, my doctor's office was not pleased with the outcome either and wanted to see me. We made a 3:30 pm appointment. I expected little, but the pain was still there and I was getting surly.

My nice Asian Dr. was very young and very sweet, explained everything to me, showed me the CT scan results and wanted me to get a second opinion from a surgeon friend in a nearby town as well as schedule an MRI to be sure I had no girlie things troubling. I was direct - if it was girlie, wasn't a bunch we could do but let it pass, and at this late hour, it was unlikely I was going to get in to see his surgeon friend, so chances were slim I was going to follow up. Like I said, he was young and sweet and probably wrote the word "BEEYOTCH" in my chart.

Surprise #2 of the day; Dr. Surgeon called me right back. He didn't like the way things looked and wanted another CT scan. Ugly being my tone of the day, I was pretty sure they were soaking the insurance company, but went to the ER at his behest. Starbuck took me.

I was accustomed to the routine this time; the questions, the answers, the prodding, the needles. My nurse Mike joked and laughed and made us smile. He was a delight. Dr. Surgeon came in.

Woof. Yum. Mommy. Nice.

Urine, Contrast, CT, blabbity blah, let's take out the appendix. All this was decided as I was on the phone with Guest Blogger. Nurse Mike came in declared he wanted me naked.

"A man has come into my room and wants me naked. I have to go!"


The pre and post op staff (Barb) were wonderful. I still got asked all my questions, I had all the right answers, I asked a few myself. My IV got poked with a needle and that's all I remember until I woke up in pain and with a dry mouth. Nurse Barb was a chatty sweetheart, refused me any water. I may have offered it up, but I don't think I did it with any gusto. I was wheeled into a room at 2am, given some water and ginger ale which I promptly consumed, given pain killers and fell asleep.


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