Monday, July 14, 2008

Knee Brace

Almost as soon as I had posted regarding "Run Silent Run Deep", the navy submarine thriller did I get call from my son in OCS (center of the picture).

He called me last Sunday; I had missed his call. For a mom, this is tough stuff, made more so by the fact that he left me a message on my cell phone. You see, he needed something, and I wasn't there to help.

Broke my heart. He needed me ~ even if it was just to vent for a moment and have me calm his emotions ~ he needed me and I wasn't there. Awful.

However, we talked for a good 45 minutes today, I gave him information that he needed and all is well. He sounds wonderful - still hoarse, but good. He is undergoing the most rigorous mental and physical challenge of his life ~ he's enjoying's the hardest thing he's ever done...but he's enjoying it. He has been labeled "Knee Brace" by one Drill Instructor because he has to wear them when he runs. He's been labeled "Red" by another DI because of his coloring. They are preparing for a major inspection. Pray with me that he does well.

I'm proud when I think of the institution he has embraced. The kid who at 3 years old knew every hot button on me and pushed them with glee. The two year old who confronted me while I was chatting with the cable man, pointed a toy gun at me and silently shot me dead, walking away unbowed. The baby who would curl up with me on the couch and sleep. Who copped a strut while he crawled; a tough guy with a bottle dangling from his mouth like a Lucky Strike.

*Sigh. He's the Navy's now. But he'll always be mine.

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lace1070 said...

Awww ~ so Glad he is loving the Navy ~ it's a good fit for him ~

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