Thursday, August 23, 2007

K-Drama: Jumong

More to come on the beach saga next week.

But today is video Friday and I have been very wistful for Jumong. I loved this series. No, let me amend; I loved these characters. I became invested in their successes and failures. I wanted Jumong to grab and plant a hot heavy kiss on Soseono, I wanted him to hold his baby in his arms. I wanted to see Hyeppobo and Sayong together. I loved, hated and pitied Gemwa, almost all at the same time. I was choky when Jumong kowtowed to his mother and Song Il Guk squeezed his 6' frame into a tiny little ball. I wanted to see Daeso's b*tch of a wife get her due. I ached for Haemosu and the years lost, I wept with Jumong when he realized Haemosu was dead. I wanted Yesoya happy. I wanted Oyi to find Buyeong and marry her.

It is a credit to the writers, the actors, and well, to everyone iwho worked on the series that they made me love the characters to the point that I miss them still.

This first clip is the end credits. It was moving to me to see the still shots of the actors either fully in character, cracking up together or mugging for the camera.

The next clip is one of my favorites from the series. A tiny little lead up; Jumong was the whiny younger brother. The older brothers hated him and actually tried to kill him on more than one occasion. After being trained secretly by Haemosu, Jumong enters the archery contest against his brothers. Older brother (in blue) does well, quite fully sighted, middle brother (in green), not so much, also able to see the targets, then Jumong comes in and blindfolds himself. It's all much more complex than that, but I just wanna watch the video.

BTW, Song Il Guk admitted in an interview that he accidentally hit the bullseye while blindfolded.


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