Thursday, August 2, 2007

I'm Still Here

Bee Gees Song of the Day: A Lonely Violin

One time long ago,
I tried so hard to reach you,
A song I tried to teach you,
But you were never there.
Despite all my big talk last week about changing my walking habits because of Scary Patrick The Face of Evil, I pretty much get up at the same time and walk the same route every day. Sometimes I’ll change it up on the weekends because there is not the rush to get back and get ready for work. Mostly, I keep it the same because Buddy needs the consistency – mess up anything in his routine and he’s crazy dog for the rest of the day.

I’ve been contemplating this tree on my walk. Like an old whore sitting in her favorite spot of the bar, dressed in what was her finery from the Eisenhower administration. She thinks she still looks fetching, waiting for Mack Daddy to come in and make it all good again. The trappings once used to allure have decayed, as she has, and she’s a sad shell of herself. She’s trying to be dignified and witty with the young hipsters crowding around, (she could show them a thing or two!) but after a nod of acknowledgement, they turn away and try not to make eye contact again. She picks up her green wrap and hugs it a little more closely to her thinning frame.

Bleeping kids.

I'm reminded of a really wonderful song I hear occasionally on the Broadway Channel on my Sirius radio.

Yvonne DeCarlo singing "I'm Still Here". Best lines:

"First you're another sloe-eyed vamp! Then someone's you're camp! Then you career from career to career. I'm almost through with my memoirs ~ and I'm here."

And here she is. You know Yvonne DeCarlo. She played Lily Munster. I think she's beautiful. She passed away January 8, 2007.

(Ignore the blip 2 minutes in, but please please at least watch 3 minutes in to the end.)

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lace1070 said...

Funny how we see trees as old and wise ~ it's so true ~ if trees could talk what would they say? what stories would they tell? I love the old cypress trees on the banks of the Guadalupe River ~ their roots are deep and mangled, but strong. I loved the scene from Pocohantas with Grandmother Willow ~ we all need a tree to talk to ~ if only we could hear their sage advice!

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