Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I had a dream the other night that I will want some feedback on; so if you feel so inclined, please share your thoughts with me on this dream.

I'll tell you that when a dream sticks with me, it means something; sometimes I figure it out, sometimes I don't. I'm also pretty good at interpreting other people's dreams; my cousin and I share our dreams with one another and make an attempt to interpret. It's a good exercise.

I have some thoughts myself on this dream, but as I said, I'd be very interested to see what others think...

I was driving home from work; it was very dark out; to the point you could see stars in the sky, but it didn't feel late so it had a winter feel to it. People were dressed for cool weather, but no coats. For some reason, I was driving through my cousin's neighborhood to get my dog Buddy. He was capering through the community. I got to my cousin's house and Buddy ran into her garage; all the lights were off. We got through the garage and I got him into her house, but I wanted him out on the deck so he wouldn't get hair all over her house or otherwise mess it up. Everything was still very dark; I felt some unease over this, but not much.

Shortly thereafter, my cousin and her husband came home and had expected me. I saw that Buddy was jumping over the fencing of their deck, so I knew I had to leave. There was another woman in the house who looked like Peter Patrelli's mother on "Heroes". 60-ish, black hair, slender, educated. We all sat on a couch for a while and as the four of us were talking, I realized that by my cousin's manner that this was no longer their home. I looked around and was surprised to see blue wallpaper on the walls in one room with sort of a zig zag pattern. It was silky in texture which made the blue color different throughout. It was SO not my cousin's style which sealed for me that this was no longer her home. I got up to go, saying that I needed to go find Buddy and get home to my daughter when my cousin and her husband told me that I wouldn't be able to get home because they had blocked the roads. I had no idea that there was any kind of crisis occurring that would not allow me to get home to my daughter and I began to panic. I decided that once I was on the road toward the apartment, they couldn't stop me from getting home so I would somehow persuade people in charge that once I got home, I wouldn't leave but I had to get to my daughter; that is, I had to get home.

I walked out of the door to the garage and Buddy was sitting there quietly waiting for me. There were kids - dozens of them - but no children I knew - outside playing the house across the street from my cousin's house. It's odd; I'm recalling the day of 9/11 when there were no planes in the sky and things seemed eerily quiet - this whole dream had the same feel to it. Anyway, the kids had the same sense of something was going on, but they had no idea of the gravity of the situation, so they were running about and screaming and having a good time. I approached a man watching the children; his were among the little ones playing and we made some sort of stilted small talk, recognizing that something awful was going to happen but not articulating it. Buddy was running around playing with the kids. I motioned to go, but the man held my hands gently and pulled me to him. It was an odd thing to do I thought, but as he held me in his arms I was comforted. I could actually feel the warmth in my dream and the cushion-y-ness of his chest. I was being taken care of and it was a very soothing feeling. I still knew I had to get home to my daughter and my plan was still the same, but the comfort I received from this person was tremendous.

My alarm went off. Time to wake up. Dream over.


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