Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Potato Salad - because I can

It's summer and therefore potato salad season. Here is my sought-after recipe for the best potato salad ever (uhm, I have not given it this moniker. I'm too modest. It's just effing potato salad for crying out loud.) But it amused me to blog this. And this is...allaboutme.

If you were to use a whole 10lb bag of potatoes (which I do if its a large party), I peel maybe 60% of the skin off the potatoes. I like the color and texture of the skin in the salad. Boil them, let them cool.

I'd boil between 8 - 12 eggs, you know the drill, let cool and peel. I then take either a wire wisk or a pastry cutter and I cut those eggs up into little tiny tiny bits (because I hate egg and I HATE getting a jiggly mouthful of egg white. Blech.) I do NOT want to know egg is there. That's just me. I'm just telling you what I do. :)

4-5 stalks of celery, one red onion (you can use any kind of onion you want or have, I like the red ones because they are a little sweeter).

After chopping and prepping, I mix all that up in a big bowl or pan. Don't be afraid to be stern with your mixing! I like to have sort of a very lumpy mashed potato consistency. Square chunks of potato, while nice for some cooks, just isn't my style. I will add some salt and pepper at this point and, if I have it, some celery seed. Not a lot of any of it.

I then squirt in some mustard. Just a good stiff squirt. Mayonnaise is a little trickier; I mostly just add until everything is moistened. Sometimes I add too much; its a crap shoot. Once I'm committed though, I mix it all up, taste it, add salt and pepper to taste, (have Meg try if I'm not sure) put in a pretty bowl, sprinkle with paprika and cross my fingers.

You can add sweet pickle relish, ham chunks, and a variety of other spices. I would for myself, but when for a bunch-o-people, I keep it simple. That seems to work best. Some people have a crazy aversion to sweet pickles. Imagine!

Enter summer event, plop bowl on table. Oh, and if it comes out particularly well, save a small bowl for yourself to have in the fridge for leftovers. You don't want to take the bowl home from the party. You don't know what spoons got in there.


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