Monday, May 18, 2009


I’m sleepy today; the result of nodding off on my couch in an awkward position with the television left on.  The by-product - a bad night, a tired day, a sore neck and a dull ache that won’t relinquish it’s hold on my poor poor head. 

A night of busy dreams about teeth.  Teeth of all things.  This could mean several things I suppose;

  1. metaphorically – perhaps I need to “sink my teeth” into a problem;
  2. emotionally – for all I know I may have anxiety about the way I am perceived by others;
  3. perceptually – conceivably there was an infomercial on at some point in the night about teeth whitening that my subconscious picked up;
  4. prophetically – an old acquaintance of mine is a dentist – it may be that I will receive and email or;
  5. physically - maybe I just need to make an dental appointment. 

Regardless, I’ve been lacking the enthusiasm that usually sparks the day and have felt apologetic.  A little revived this afternoon, I’m still fuzzy and off my game.  Not the end of the world.  She’s awfully tiny and speaks in a tentative whisper, but my inner optimist tells me that tomorrow I will better appreciate the warmth of the sun, the clearness of my head, and life in general.  It’s all good.

Yeah.  I’ll be better tomorrow.  Wait and see.


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