Friday, March 27, 2009

Blurry Trees

A little foggy this morning in Falls Church, Virginia but the sun is shining and burning it off.  Got an early start - I walked Buddy before the birds were even up, went to mass and came right to the office.  Always makes the commute lighter in the Land of Traffic.  Anyway, I grab my Starbucks tall half caff from the kitchen to to take to my office space.  There is a wall of windows right in frofoggy treesnt of me (I always thought windows were overrated in an office setting.  I'm usually too busy to look up or out, but I've enjoyed these, since the view is all trees).  The dawn is up and shining diffused that wonderful golden light through the fog.  The trees, all black and blurry  through the fog, are lacy in a creepy and beautiful Tim Burton way.  I watch the blur burn off and the trees become more defined, with the glitter of last night's rain starting to sparkle on the branches.  The sun gets brighter and brighter and more branches sparkle.  

I think I love early spring mornings nearly as much as late summer dusk. A beautiful way to start a morning.  Gonna be a good day.


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