Thursday, August 7, 2008

Progressive Lenses

I mentioned it earlier, sneaking it in like it wasn’t a big deal; I now have progressive lenses.

I’d fought my need for bifocals for two years. Thinking that my inability to focus when reading was a fluke – positive it would clear up on its own. Thinking that somehow biting that pillow was an admission that I’d fully dried up. Thinking that the only thing left for me was to research funerary real estate.

New Job, New Vision Benefit, New Eye Doctor. We had a long and satisfying chat about my skyrocketing ocular hypertension ~ indeed, New Doctor seemed enthusiastic about the state of the art tests and dreamy technology that littered the office ~ practically clapping his hands together and gleefully rubbing. We then had a sincere conversation about bifocals and my options. The staff at New Eye Doctor’s Office was terrific. I must have modeled 200 frames and while I was tempted to reach for the same look I’ve had since 1983, I allowed the staff and my daughter to pick the frames for me. Progressive non-glare, plastic, no scratch lenses with purple, slim frames. Very different.

I’m still getting used to the frames; seriously, wasn't the height of eye frame fashion 1980s? Gibungous frames with lenses that covered your head, subtly tinted thanks. I’ve since chided myself for fighting my need for progressive lenses for so long: I can see. I can read. Even though I have to get the right lens adjusted, I can see better than I’ve seen in three years.

The good news is ~ I haven't dried up, I'm not looking into burial plots and I'm the first of my siblings or cousins to get fitted for progressive lenses. That means I win...don't I?

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lace1070 said...

You totally win because u r smart enough to give into the bifocal ~ seeing rocks! And an a dded plus ~ you look smarter ~ TRUE STORY!

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