Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I think that if I were Silda Spitzer, I would hate that for some, their only image of me was the one standing by my husband as he resigned. I would hate that.

I am counting down 2 days now to leaving my current place of employment. I realized that since 1993, I have been protected - I've always known one person where I work. Where I am going? I know 0. Zero. Zed. Nyet. Nada. No one. I think I'm scared.

My dog Buddy has been with me as long as my marriage lasted. 15 years. That's effed up. If I get to 16 years with Buddy...I don't like to contemplate that kind of commitment. Does that mean that my husband was less impactful to me than my dog?

Did I tell you I was scared about starting my new job?

I'm cleaning out my files at work - I love the energy that is created when I clean. It's the whole feng shui; the chi thing. I also find that I have carried with me Far Side cartoon cels that I cut out in 1991. Yeah. I still have them. My favorite one: a chicken creating her own guillotine muttering "Bottom of the pecking order, eh? Oh, I don't think so." I'm concerned at what that says about me.

Spoiler alert: "Young Warriors" - most of the Yangs die. What the eff is up with that? Can brother #3 please go kick some @ss now? Can he please get rid of that coward of a wife of his, and let her go hang out with that hot hot Liang/Song/Whatever guy? She's a total cow; and if you know me at all, you know that cow is an epithet of the fiercest kind.

Yeah, still concerned over the job thing.

Next time I go to a 'get together' for women - heads up - if it's an effing sex toy party? Want to know in advance so I don't have to go. That's just effing rude. I'm good thanks. Don't need the ginormous phallus ring toss game to feel uninhibited. Just so you know. P*ss me off. WTF?

If you are near me and have a salt shaker in hand? Yeah, love the salt this week. Send some my way, k?

80's music videos? Just really bad.


lace1070 said...

E ~ remember who my first best friend at VO was? I didn't know a soul ~ and I didn't have to look further than the next cubicle to find someone who also had an affinity for the X-Files! I have been praying that you will find a wonderful friend or two at your next job. Remember the monkey with his fist in the candy jar? He can't get his fist out of the jar without letting go of what he thinks he wants. You have already let go ~ good friends are just a couple of days away! Love ya ~ Lace

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