Monday, January 15, 2007

Korean Drama

I like Asian TV.

Back in September, one of my favorite Asian serials had ended and I was unutterably sad. "Heroes in Black" or "Wo lai ye" (Here-I-Come). It was a dramadie, mostly silly, some good cliff hangers, it was all fun.

It was the story of Song Dou - a seemingly lazy bum during the day who is foster father to DouDou (which I think means Little Bean). At night, he is Wo lai ye, or Here-I-Come, a Robin Hood as it were, stealing from the corrupt rich and giving to the innocent poor. Enter Feng Pobu, disgraced imperial secretary, transferred to Dianchiang who eventually becomes the magistrate. Feng is intelligent, articulate, honest to a fault and fair in his decisions. I liked both characters very well.

I gotta tell you though, it ended unsatisfactorily. Without boring you with the gory detail, Lu Feiyan (the strong-willed shrewish restauranteur) didn't pick her true love and five years later, our two protagonists were still vying for her affection. Hey, Song Dou! You're hot! Find someone else! Whatever.

But now I'm hooked on another one.

And boy is it good. One of the highest rated television shows in Korea during 2004 - 2005. Men would rush home after work just to watch it.

Based on true people. See guy with the sword on the far far right? He is a slave who rises up in the ranks, loves girl-on-the-end, girl-on-the-end loves him, but they are star-crossed. Really hot pensive looking guy standing next to the smirking bitch is a friend from his youth - who has saved slave boy several times from the gaping maw of certain death loves the same girl-on-the-end, is so intense and absolutely ruthless (but that's why you LIKE him), they recognize that their destinies are entwined as mortal enemies, but you ache because you know that the two guys have a deep bond and if they'd only be on the same side...oh, its very very good.

But you know me. You know I read "spoilers". You know that I know how this ends. And it isn't good. And it isn't happy.

And I can't tear myself away.


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